Why Human Design

Human Design

Human Design is a science I stumbled upon 6 years ago, and it has became my greatest passion ever since. When I started uncovering the various elements of the Human Design philosophy, I initially focused on my own design and for the first two years, I examined, experimented and experienced my true self, in an effort to become the person I was truly born to be.

My excitement and gratification of getting acquainted with my own design motivated me to gradually progress into the deeper understanding of the Human Design notion and thus four years ago, I fully immersed in studying this science in order to be able to share it with my friends, my family and anyone who is seeking to become familiar with their own design and who they were truly born to be.

Human Design is not merely a theory to be studied and comprehended but rather an adventurous experiment to be experienced and lived. Learning about your Human Design can be a transformative life process and for most people it will instantly impact their life and redirect their path.

The true and sole method to embark on this courageous journey is by letting go of all previous expectations and allowing the energies to open you up to who you were destined to be.

Human Design is a system that combines principles of Astrology, the I ching, Kabbalah, Chakras and Quantum physics to provide an extremely unique tool for understanding who each of us truly is. With your birth date, time, and location you create a personal “design” called the bodygraph, that shows you how you were built and how to best respond to the world and the elements around you. In simple words, Human Design is a Manual For Your Everyday Life, the ultimate life guide we all wished we had.

After creating your Human Design body graph we will be able to build a personalized plan for your own Evolution Journey. Human Design allows us to meet you and understand you deeper. This gives us the opportunity to choose the right courses, sessions, healers and retreats for you to start living your best self.

The Founder

My name is Sarah Berjaoui, and this is My Design:

I am a Manifesting Generator with 3 energy centers and an Emotional Authority a fact providing great insightfulness about myself and my own temperament.

I am born with immense energy and efficiency due to my structured mind and I am here to juggle multiple tasks and carriers at once. However, as a manifesting generator I have to hold back before responding to life’s events rather than initiating them. My emotional authority indicates that all my life is filtered by my constant emotional waves ( of which I have two )  meaning that I have to patiently wait for clarity before making any decisions. I came into this life to teach people how to fully feel and embrace their emotions and live a truly free and authentic life.

My background in Civil Engineering perfectly matches my structured brain while my work in Business Development in my family’s hospitality and real estate business further expands my own horizons and my passion in assisting and guiding others understand and accept themselves in a deeper level brings me joy and fulfilment.

I am a Human Design and Gene Keys instructor as well as a yoga teacher and a soon to be family constellation therapist.

I offer private sessions and also lead workshops and I create beautiful and life changing retreats.

My work begins by identifying and analysing your design and I then use my effective and personalized tools to guide you back to the journey of discovering your authentic self. I am highly individualist with a very determined direction and my own motivation is focused on kindness and virtue so when you work along with me you will quickly realize that at my core centre lies an intense desire to heal, connect and most importantly enjoy this delightful journey called life we are all passengers in.

Human Design will offer you an insightful understanding of yourself and your unique nature and at the same time it will provide you with valuable guidance to navigate your relationships and better connect with your partner, your family, your children and your friends.

The moment you accept yourself for who you truly are and allow others to be who they truly are, you will start creating meaningful deep relationships .

Let the Evolution Journey BEGIN.