Our Story

We believe that a person’s healing is holistic. It starts and ends in all parts of the self. We came together to create this journey in order to guide and support whoever is ready to meet their true self.
The evolution journey will be your compass that with the retreats, the Academy, the sessions and the support of the tribe will not let you lose yourself again. Embark with us in a self-discovery and self-healing journey.

Our Purpose

Evolution journey emerged through a deep personal journey of our founder, Sarah Berjaoui.
After discovering Human Design, she started “living her design” and embracing her true essence for a few years. This led her to attract the team of healers of the evolution journey.
First Sarah met Lilly, during her own need for understanding through NLP and Human Design. They quickly became close friends and knew they were destined to cross paths. Soon after that, Katerina was attracted to Sarah during her own healing journey. Her passion and obsession for constant personal expansion, made her one of the main pillars of the evolution concept. Fiona then came along, while Sarah was looking for a deep energy healing and the rest is history. Evolution journey opened us up to what we felt was missing in this world.
A journey created by people who are already walking on this path of Self discovery. We each added piece by piece through our hardships, our failures and our successes trying to create a beautiful road that will save others the time and loneliness that we had to go through.
We are constantly attracting and adding more healers to our Evolution tribe.