Evolution Hotels

As times are changing the global wellness tourism has been attracting billions of people worldwide.
The healing traveler is the traveler that focuses on the journey that offers him an experience of the body as much as of the soul.

Why to become an Evolution Hotel ?

Our founder, Sarah Berjaoui, is a pioneer in the hospitality industry. She owns and runs her own majestic hotels in prime locations in Greece. She is also creating a unique wellness center in Syros island. Her expertise led her to create the evolution hotels all over the world, destinations for holistic wellbeing vacation.
Evolution hotels are the selected hotels that will be focused on wellness and healing. They will offer a transformational experience rather than just a stay. Nowadays travelers are choosing to dedicate their vacation to their wellbeing combined with their need for comfort and luxury. We aim to create a group of selected hotels and villas from all over the world that will be focused on the healing traveler and his priority towards his own evolution journey.
Our hotels will be the healing sanctuaries for the retreats and the destination for all the healing travellers.

What we would offer our hotels?


Staff training

We will focus on introducing to the hotel personnel ways to increase their productivity while focusing on their own wellbeing.


Healing feeling

We will introduce to the hotel personnel the healing standards of an evolution hotel.


Life changing retreats

We will host and organise personalised retreats in our selected evolution hotels.

Become an Evolution Hotel

Our Hotels

Casa Del Mar

Casa Del Mar Mykonos Seaside Resort operates under the primary objective of creating lifetime experiences on the most cosmopolitan island of the Mediterranean…

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Castro Hotel – Syros

All rooms & suites at the magnificent Castro hotel Syros feature a marvellous design with impressive contemporary elements of sophistication and finesse blended with the grand Neoclassical architecture.

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