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Evolution is a lifelong journey within and it gets lonely when walked alone.
Let us guide you and support you while you embark on a journey to your authentic self.

What does Evolution Journey mean?

Evolution journey emerged through a deep personal healing journey. This life long internal and external journey can be challenging when walked alone. When our founder Sarah Berjaoui, was taking this journey alone all she wanted was to meet her tribe and find the missing pieces to her puzzle.

During her journey to discover her true essence, she came across many different modalities and tools that helped her but she knew something was missing. Eventually, she discovered a life changing tool called Human Design, that connected all the missing dots. Human Design is the science of differentiation that creates a roadmap to who you really are and to your soul’s purpose. Its a tool that combines different esoteric and exoteric sciences and it is proven to reveal to anyone their true essence.

After that, she knew that she had to find her tribe and together they could share their knowledge with the world. She eventually crossed paths with a group of women healers from all over the world that became her tribe.Together they created a holistic approach to healing, the evolution journey which is a nurturing, supportive, educational and fun concept for anyone who is ready to walk the transformational path of self-discovery. The greatest journey you’ll ever have is the one within!



Initially you provide us with your birth details and we create your personal Human Design bodygraph that will help us collect all the information needed in order to guide you on your evolution journey.


Our team of experts will get in touch and will support you to understand yourself deeper and provide you with your personalised evolution plan.


Your evolution journey has just begun! In the Evolution academy, retreats and market you will get the necessary tools and guidance to support you in your lifelong inward and outward journey.

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Evolution is a movement that is taking place all over the world. The importance of healers, therapists and facilitators is being recognized worldwide.We are here to make sure that the right people can be easily accessible in order to support the ones ready to dive into their evolution journey.
Being part of our team allows you to connect with like minded people and to offer your gifts in a broader audience.

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